Monday, November 11, 2013


Props go out to Venice Beach Local, Nic DunlopSicky Nichy as he is prone to be called.  An early Flag Bearer for the cause Dessau he recently launched (Boneless) off the Contents page of CONCRETE WAVE MAGAZINE.  Lo-N-Behold the Sick One pushes our Stamp Image onto the psyche of many a reader of this fine rag, via the indiscreet placement of our 45 RPM sized Los Angeles sticker. Thanx to: @nicholasdunlap @concretewavemag @skotwl @michaelbrooke @sickynichy #venicebeach #skatepunks #sma #santamonicaairlines #dogtown #conart #stufmag:

E-comm site, for Stickers, Gear and assorted paraphernalia coming soon.  Meanwhile stay tuned here and FB: dessausportgear  for further mis-information!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DEUS EX MACHINA -- Aussisar Comin'!!

If you don't know yet, you will soon.   Aussi MC/Surf/Skate retro-radd brand Deus Ex Machina has arrived in California.    Capturing a large foot print on the corner of Venice & Lincoln Boulevards in Venice  they are here to change perceptions and the game in process.   Not locked down to the separatist BS mentality of so many brands that try to front in their micro-genre, DXM just is, all in.   Bikers, Surfers, Skaters, Party-ers, Hipsters, Losers, and certainly creative MF'ers, they lead the charge with their customized bikes, fill in the blanks with hand rendered graphics, minimalist single fins and a small handful of like minded U.S. brands, Loser Machine, Captin Fins and possibly Dessau some day!  All of this and served up with a lovely cup of java.   IF that was not enough, they've also brought in Free Willy, er that is to say.....Willy and his free mobile photo booth or Magbooth as it were.  Not a lot of footy here, sorry I was in a rush. But ah, yeah there's Willy, quite proud of his socks and footwear there now!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Product.

100%, Ringspun Cotton, American Apparel tee's, Printed right here in the city of Lost Angeles with
water based inks.  That means they are not thick and plasticky causin' you to sweat like a mofo underneath.  Oh no, not these,  in fact, after one wash you can't even feel the printing on the surface
of the tee.

Must confess, first run of beanies were made in China, but I now have a North American supplier for
those puppies so we can all feel good about each other!

Super Premium goods right here, built to ride, hand-krafted for the long-haul!  -- Check it out:


Visit World Class Motoring  to purchase any of these products online!


Book 1, Image shots, Walt Cessna Photog